How-to-Attach and Clean Your Evolution Brush Video

Simple Fix Video If Your Brush Spins Around on Your Can

What is the amount of product to push out of the brush prior to lathering my face or body?

Gently push down on the actuator until only a dollop size amount of product comes out the brush head.  A little goes a long way and if you need more just gently push out another dollop size and continue to lather away.

Should I continuously push down on the brush actuator while applying / lathering product to my face?

No you shouldn’t … way too much product will come out and you will look like Santa Clause in no time lol…. Just a dollop size of product is all you will need.

Do I have to take the brush off the can after each use?

No you don’t.  You can leave the Evolution Brush on your shaving can until it’s empty.  After its empty simply take it off the can and put in on your new can.  After each use just leave the brush on the can and rinse the brush out under the sink or shower head and shake the excess water out and set it down and it will be there ready for your next shave.

If my Evolution Brush is spinning on my shaving can is there a simple way to fix that?

Yes there is actually.  Above are how to videos and one video specifically tells you how to fix that problem.

Can Bald Men Lather their heads up and can Women use the Evolution Brush?

Absolutely, basically any part body that you wish to shave will get an enhanced shaving experience from lathering up that body part with the Evolution Brush prior to shaving.  The Evolution Brush will lift and stimulate your hair follicles for a cleaner closer shave with less irritation and razor bumps and burns.

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