The Evolution Brush is the world’s 1st shave brush that universally attaches to shaving cream and gel cans, offering users an enhanced shaving experience. With its patented design and unique Brush Lathering Technology, the Evolution Brush provides the cleanest, closest shave possible by stimulating and lifting the users’ hair follicles while exfoliating their skin and reducing razor bumps and burns.

A Dollop Is All You Need To Shave Your Whole Face! Have Fun And Lather Away.

Shaving is not fun

Thanks To The Evolution Brush These Issues Are Problems Of The Past

Brush Benefits

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A Unique Way To Bring That Old-Fashioned Barber Shop Shaving Experience Home With You Making Shaving Fun Again

A refreshing and enhanced shaving experience that is going to change the shaving industry forever!

Not Just For Men

Women Love the Evolution Brush

We’re excited by the fact that women too will love The Evolution Brush! Let’s face it, men and women are basically shaving everything these days and any and all body parts that need shaving will result in a much better shaving experience thanks to The Evolution Brush stimulating and lifting your hair follicles for a cleaner, closer shave with fewer razor bumps and burns… in all your *ahem* sensitive areas.

The Evolution Brush can save women an absurd amount of time shaving their legs.  Whether you shave daily or every so often, you’re going to appreciate the ease and time-savings that our brush provides.

Shave press kit

How It Works

The Evolution Brush is universally designed to attach to both men’s and women’s shaving cream and gel cans down to the travel size cans. Please watch the how-to video to learn more about how the Evolution Brush works and for helpful cleaning tips.

Most shaving cream caps pull right off using your hand.  For gel cans we’ve built-in a handy cap remover tool into every Evolution Brush to make this task quick and easy.

We designed The Evolution Brush to work for everybody–young or old, male or female, daily shaver or infrequent shaver. To put it simply, we wanted to make sure that it could pass the “it just works” test with flying colors.

Shaving Evolved

With The Evolution Brush, shaving cream or gel goes on fast and smooth. you’ll be shocked just how little is required and at how streamlined it helps make a once tedious task.

The Next Evolution In Shaving Is Here

Not only does The Evolution Brush make shaving fun again, you can expect fewer razor burns in the process. Your skin will thank you.

Shave Gel Action Shot

The Evolution Brush is a product years in the making. The last two years of our time have been spent meticulously fine-tuning the design and parts so that the end product could be as easy and satisfying to use as we had originally envisioned. For more media and details about The Evolution Brush, download our press materials below.

Custom Color Choices

Our custom brushes look just as good in person. We are so excited to offer these color choices and, in the near future, we will be adding even more options. Further customization with company logos, sports teams, universities, etc. is a possibility.

Custom Evolution Brushes

The Evolution Brush looks gorgeous, whether it’s in jet black or in any of the other striking colors options such as Camo, Carbon Fiber, or Wood Grain.

Start Your Shaving Legacy Today

The Ultimate Shaving Experience With The Cleanest, Closest Shave Possible

With today’s extremely busy lifestyles, it’s difficult to schedule time to pamper ourselves. Legacy Shave has found a fun way to bring that old-fashioned barber shop shaving experience home with you or while traveling. The Evolution Brush enables the users to go straight from the can through the brush to the face/body in record time. It also brings back that old-world heritage charm that shaving instills in all of us… reminding us of our grandparents’ age of shaving.

old school shaving meets new
Shave foam action shot

Dozens of our closest friends and family have tested The Evolution Brush and they couldn’t be happier with the results. They pushed us to bring this product to market so everyone could experience the convenience and upgraded shaving experience.


The Evolution Brush has received numerous prestigious industry awards since we revealed it to the world, and we couldn’t be more proud. Some of our early awards include 2015 The Hatching Contest Winner, 2017 Global Innovations Award Finalist, 2017 HSN American Dreams Contest Winner. Click play to watch our awards video below…

Evolution Brush Care

Proper care of The Evolution Brush is easy and quick. Keep The Evolution Brush attached to your can and simply rinse the brush out under your sink or in the shower. Once clean, just give it a couple shakes and set it down to be ready to go for your next legendary shave.

To watch the full video showing more details about the simple Evolution Brush maintenance requirements, click here.

Did we mention how much shaving cream or gel you’ll save each and every time you shave?


If you’ve made it this far, we thought you might get a kick out of our video shoot blooper reel which shows you can’t take the silly out of us.

Warning:  Explicit Language

Evolution Brush Shave Kit

Our Legacy Shave Pre-Shave Oil is fragrance free and was formulated and designed to start the Ultimate Shaving Experience. This is the best way to prep your whiskers to ensure a more enjoyable shave. Next, use your Evolution Brush and its Brush Lathering Technology to lift and stimulate your hair follicles.

Legacy Shave Mens Shave Kit

Evolution Brush, Pre-Shave Oil, After Shave Balm and A Quality Razor

Now you are ready to shave with our quality razor for the cleanest, closest shave possible. To complete the Ultimate Shaving Experience apply the Legacy Shave After-Shave Balm that replenishes moisture to sooth, rejuvenate, and hydrate your skin after shaving.

Our Story

Legacy Shave Founders

Let’s just say the name of our Michigan-based company is exactly what it means to my brother and me. It involves what is closest to our hearts and that is family and legacy. With that, we want to introduce to you our company Legacy Shave and The Evolution Brush: The Next Evolution in Shaving.

Legacy Shave Family

A very special thank you goes to Mom and Dad. Without you, none of this would have been possible!  As a special thank you to Dad, “The Legendary TPG,” we have secretly hidden his initials within the letter G of our Legacy Shave logo.  To read more on Dad’s inspirational story click on link above regarding our press materials.

All we need now is YOU … to help our 1st-of-its-kind invention become a household name. We have come this far: our tooling is ready and tested, and we are production ready. Now we want to take things to the next level. In order to do that and for us to start a large production run we need your support.

We need help to get our Michigan-based manufacturing costs down for large volume production runs. We need to make an 8-cavity or even a 16-cavity mold to produce enough volume to make it possible to keep our US-costs low enough to be in all big box retailers all over the world. Thank you for your time and consideration. We hope to be welcoming you soon to the Legacy Shave family!

Evolution Brush Timeline

A Special Thanks To

A huge shout out thank you goes to the following people for helping us roll out an amazing Kickstarter campaign …

Solyman Najimi, Jason Portney, Mike S. Melfi, Albie Diem, Danny Lucci, Danielle McHale, Willie McHale, Brian Town and Siobhan Findlay and all the crew at Michigan Creative, Ethan Jordan, Paul Aluia, Tara Jean Ward Mesyn, Todd Martin, Bob Waller, Huston Julian, Vicken Jabourian, Multiject, Versicor, Michigan Box, Oz Aqua Transfer, SDCI Graphics & Printing, Luminate Studios, and, of course, Mom : )


Refreshed Shaving Experience

Evolution Brush Co-Inventor Dave G

Make Shaving Fun Again

Evolution Brush Co-Inventor Mike G

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