Welcome to Legacy Shave. Thank you for taking the time to read about the journey it’s been to bring Legacy Shave to market, changing the global shaving industry forever.

Over twenty years ago, brothers Dave and Mike while in college came up with the Legacy Shave brush idea. With help from their dad, they produced a working prototype. It was a primitive design but it actually worked. This lead to having a mold made and the manufacturing of 3,000 un-assembled units. Although the idea was cool, they never took the shot to try to sell it into the marketplace. Maybe 200 of them were fully assembled with a brush glued in and attached ready to sell. Well, like most dreams, life got in the way. Both Dave and Mike graduated from college, worked in their respective fields, and life moved on. Timing is everything, and for several reasons this invention got put on the back burner.

Fast forward about seventeen years. With each passing year Dave and Mike always brought up the question, “Is this the time we are going to finally launch?” Sadly, after a long battle with cancer, their dad passed away. In addition to lifelong memories, their dad left one unexpected gift for Mike and Dave to find. The two brothers started to clean out their dad’s basement of the house their mom and dad had lived in for over forty years. In the shop room under their dad’s work bench they found about a dozen boxes. Upon opening them the brothers discovered a lot more than just 200 shave brushes had been assembled. In fact, all 3,000 shave brushes had been fully assembled.

Turns out, their father, while going through his chemo treatments to keep himself busy, unknown to anyone else, had assembled all of the original shave brushes for his sons to discover – a true legacy left behind for them to say, “Finally, now is the time, no more living life in fear, life is too short, no more what if’s, no more regrets.  Just go for it.”

A few days later they met with a patent attorney to do a patent search.  After that search came back clean, they then decided to do a re-design of their original primitive shave brush and turned it into today’s sleek and sexy version.  Two years later, Dave and Mike were awarded both design and utility patents.

A question the brothers frequently answer is how did they come up with the company name Legacy Shave? The brothers answer, “Let’s just say the name reflects what is closest to our hearts – family and legacy. Shaving in itself is a legacy handed down from generation to generation.  That fact combined with us finding out what our father had done to keep himself busy during chemo was a “Legacy” he left behind for us to find.  As the two founding brothers, we’re proud to introduce you to our company, which is rooted in the past but geared toward the future.”

The Legacy Shave Family thanks each and every one of our customers for spending their hard-earned money and giving our exciting new product a try.  We invite you to turn a daily chore into an enhanced shaving experience with Legacy Shave! Help out our family start-up company by liking and following Legacy Shave on our social media spaces.  @legacyshave

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