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Shaving can be a chore, especially with today’s busy lifestyles. But, what if there was a way to make shaving fun again and pamper yourself at the same time?

That’s the idea behind Legacy Shave and The Evolution Brush – a unique way to bring that old-fashioned barber shop experience into your home. The Evolution Brush combines the feel and benefits of a traditional barber shop shaving brush (i.e., hands free shaving cream and a clean, close shave) with the convenience of modern shaving cream and gel cans. Simply attach the shave brush to the can and enjoy the ultimate shaving experience – while traveling back to a more elegant time.

We believe this revolutionary brush will change the shaving industry. Legacy Shave will be selling the Evolution Brush in the marketplace and online, offering options for customization and distinctive shaving gift ideas.

Why “Legacy Shave?” Let’s just say the name reflects what is closest to our hearts – family and legacy. As the two founding brothers, we’re proud to introduce you to our company, which is rooted in the past but geared toward the future. Today, Legacy Shave features the Evolution Brush, along with Legacy Shave Pre-Shave Oil, Legacy Shave After-Shave Balm, and high-quality razors – but look for new products to come.

We invite you to turn a daily chore into an enhanced shaving experience with Legacy Shave!

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A very special thank you goes to Mom and Dad. Without you, none of this would have been possible, and you are the reason the name of our company is called Legacy Shave. As a special tribute to Dad, "The LEGENDARY TPG," we have secretly hidden his initials within the letter G of our Legacy Shave logo... click on our logo above to see if you can find them.

Dave & Mike

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