Legacy Shave’s Surface Protector Rubber Cap – Lasts a Lifetime


Protect Your Expensive Counters and Tile Today With The Legacy Shave Surface Protective Rubber Cap.

Why spend thousands of dollars on countertops and bathroom tile if your not going to protect that investment from dings, scratches, and potential rust rings when just for a few bucks you could prevent that damage from happening.

A Legacy Shave Surface Protector is the perfect solution to protect that investment.  This rubber cap should last a lifetime.

When your Legacy Shave can is empty just remove the rubber protective cap and wash it with warm soapy water and use it again.

This protective rubber cap attached to a can of Legacy Shave Cream completes our upscale premium look and will compliment your bathroom’s décor while protecting your surfaces.


Trust Us .. We “HATE” charging for shipping as much as you hate paying for it, but our premium products are heavy.  This results in FedEx and USPS charging us high shipping rates.  Still, as a thank you for being a Legacy Shave customer, we are pleased to offer you “FREE SHIPPING” for purchases totaling $54 or more.

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