Save $5.00 w/ the Evolution Brush – Mix & Match 2 Pack


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• Stimulates & Lifts Hair Follicles
• Cleaner, Closer Shaves
• Less Irritation/Fewer Razor Bumps
• Makes Shaving Fun Again
• Shave Can Lasts Up To 4X Longer
• Refreshing & Enhanced Shaving Experience
• Less mess, Less Waste
• Greener For Earth/Fewer Shave Cans In Landfills

Shave Can Not Included

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Pick our your 2 favorite custom Evolution Shave Brush’s to make for a unique gift for any occasion.  Or just to pamper yourself : )

Legacy Shave’s “Evolution Brush” is a “Universal Shave Brush” designed to attach to your favorite can of shaving cream or gel you have at home.  This old fashioned grandfather’s shave brush with a modern twist offers “The Ultimate Shaving Experience” by stimulating and lifting the hair follicles allowing the users an enhanced experience with the cleanest, closest shave possible. It also reduces the amount of shaving cream used, saving the users money. Most important, it makes shaving fun again. It is the world’s first shave brush that can attach to shave cans giving you a more elegant shaving experience: hands free of foam or gel.

The Evolution Brush is truly the next evolution in shaving. It combines old world technology of the shaving brush with today’s modern shaving cream cans. In the comforts of their homes or while traveling, “The Evolution Brush” enables the users to go straight from the can through the brush to the face/body. This allows the users to bring back that old world heritage charm that shaving instills in all of us, reminding us of our grandparents’ age of shaving.

With today’s extremely busy lifestyles it is difficult to schedule time to pamper ourselves.  Legacy Shave has invented and patented a unique, quick, fun, and convenient way to bring back that old vintage shave brush.


Attaches to most brands of shaving cream & gel shave cans.


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